– Cinematographer, Director, Producer
Cinematographer, Director
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Cinematographer, Director, Photographer.

My past defines my future.

Photography is my third eye.

360 aka

A whole planet of possibilities.

Sergiusz Wasilewski

Cinematographer, Director, Producer, Photographer

Sergiusz Wasilewski was born 1969 in Lodz, Poland. Cinematographer, Director, Producer, Photographer.

He is a filmmaker, cinematographer. He created Racing The Sun, Sun Quest, Memory of the World series about Unesco treasures, originated and produced the series, co-created the Ecological News series.

900 000

frames of film


photos or more


points of view

Story need's to be told.

I am an independent producer based in London. Focused on innovative concepts with a fresh approach. The experience covers documentaries and new media content, with a strong cinematographic approach.

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