Sun Quest

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Sun Quest

Surprisingly cold Africa, full of colourful characters. Lodz Solar Team – problem-solving, working day and night to overcome technical problems and launching the Sasol Solar Challenge 2016.
In such circumstances, the story starts. How difficult it is to repeat success. The old wins do not guarantee the next success.

“Sun Quest” directed by Sergiusz Wasilewski is a story about the persistent work of the Lodz Solar Team over the biggest student project in Poland and an extraordinary journey through South Africa, from Pretoria to Cape Town. The story of fighting against adversity, with the Polish “somehow it will be” unexpectedly cool weather, in which a young team proved that despite the adversity is able to do everything to not lose. And history is happening in the background of an unusual, different-than-imaginative South Africa.

– The previous film “Racing the sun” proved to be a very inspirational experience, following the adventures of the band in Africa was quite an obvious choice, it turns out that South Africa is not what it obviously evokes. This is a country of many separate worlds – says Sergiusz Wasilewski, film director, director, creator of “Sun Quest” – the realization of a cinematic documentary, and on its own terms is a fantastic adventure, which does not happen every day – emphasizes the director.

  • Sun Quest


  • Year: 2017

    Cinema premiere september 2017

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