Racing the Sun

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Racing the Sun

Endless desert, burning sun, waving thread of asphalt stretching to the horizon – and nothing else in sight. In such scenery, the first ever Polish solar-powered car crossed the Australian wilderness during the international Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2015 race.

“Racing the Sun” is the story of the persistent work of the Lodz Solar Team over the largest student project in Poland and the extraordinary race from Darwin to Adelaide across Australia. A tale of the fight against time, desert and unbearable heat in which a young team has proven its excellent preparation for competition. And all this in extreme weather conditions in Australia and the setting of breathtaking landscapes.

– “Racing the sun” – the realization of a cinematic documentary, and on its own terms is a fantastic adventure, which does not happen every day – emphasizes the director.

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    Official selction o AFC global fest, semifinalist Caribbean Film Festival

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