A journey to the origins of Polish rock classics

I love and understand

I love and understand

Franz, the bass player, and Wojtek Namaczyński, the drummer of the legendary band “Chłopcy z Placu Broni”, find themselves at a crossroads after the tragic death of their frontman, Bogdan Łyszkiewicz. Years later, the band is slowly being reborn, timidly returning to the stage that was once their place of glory.

Together with drummer Wojtek Namaczyński, Franz decides to embark on a soul-stirring journey that takes us through the vibrant Polish rock scene of the 1980s-90s, not just a physical journey, but a deep emotional pilgrimage in the footsteps of those who shaped their music and memories. During this emotional tour, filled with memories and reflections, he is accompanied by a film crew documenting the journey and the band members. The encounters with musicians who once created the history of Polish rock together with the “Chłopcy” band, bring back the old times and remind us of the power of music joining the collective memory of Bogusław Łyszkiewicz. Everyone sees the same history differently. The conversations are not only about Bogdan, but about the entire history of those times. Each interviewee has his or her own memories and anecdotes. Each is an important figure in the rock music of the time.
As Franz and the band travel on, the narrative takes an unexpected turn, leading them to the sun-bathed shores of Jamaica. Here, in the legendary studio where Bob Marley once made magic, they find inspiration anew. It is a moment of convergence, where cultures collide and music becomes a universal language.
In this hallowed space, the ‘Boys from the Weapon Square’ find catharsis. Their song ‘Freedom I love and understand’ is reborn, this time infused with vibrant reggae rhythms. It is a tribute not only to their deceased friend, but also to the unifying power of the music itself. Through this act of creation, they pay homage to their past while stepping into the future with renewed energy.

Director’s notes

In this poignant narrative, we delve into the soul of Franz, bassist of the iconic ‘Boys from the Weapon Square’. Our story begins with a profound loss, the tragic death of frontman Bogdan Lyszkiewicz, a pivotal moment that shook their musical journey. Bogdan was the head and heart of the band and Franz became his musical brother.

I met Franz at the beginning of Pandemic when I was doing a series of film concerts then without an audience. This was the beginning of our collaboration – I made several music videos for his new project (official selections of several festivals). As happens at such times, after the set we had a chat together.

It was then that I realised I was talking to the living history of Polish rock. And this leads to only one conclusion – we need to make a documentary. It turns out that Bogdan Łyszkiewicz was a unique figure, and at that time, at the dawn of the 1980s, history was being made, the music market as we know it now, and figures whose brilliance shines through to this day. There were 15,000 spectators at the January concert in Krakow.

Being an insider’s crew, so to speak, we have good access to the most important figures, and our conversations tend to be more open than usual in such cases. 

As our characters are “nocturnal animals”, the cinematography is shot in low key with saturated colours. Enriched with lights in the background. The entire film is shot in 4K widescreen 2.39:1 and the archive images are technically processed to increase the resolution and quality of the material.

5.1 sound and stereo version, of course under the supervision of the musicians; we work with people who, for example, can tell by ear the difference between regular and oil percussion tension.

The realisation team was formed on the concert set. Paweł Ulatowski my third eye, an extremely poised detailer. Magdalena Stepkowska person who have been my anchor on earth for years and many music videos and films realised together.



Sergiusz Wasilewski

A film maker, cinematographer, always been curious of new discoveries, technologies, ideas. He created Racing The Sun, Sun Quest, Memory of the World about Unesco treasures, End of Coal Civilization for KBS, He is involved in the conjunction of film, VR, and new media 5G-iDear, 360-Naturally Concerts.

Paweł Ulatowski

Polish photographer and documentary filmmaker. As an experienced photojournalist, he has been publishing in both Polish and international publications for over 28 years. He has worked with agencies such as AFP, AP and Reuters, covering the armed conflicts in Iraq (one round) and Afghanistan (two rounds) for the Polish media.

Magda Stępkowska

Experienced producer of documentaries, music videos, concerts and theatre productions. Filmography includes: Racing the Sun, Sun Quest, Mamory of Poland, Lake of Happiness, It just the way it is.

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